Steve Mundy / purple-cloud photography | About

Born in Maidenhead in the early 60’s, Steve’s passion for photography was ignited by his desire for food whilst still at school! Once he realised that the school photography club earned him a pass to jump the line for lunch he was hooked on photography. Those early years were primarily black & white, poring over trays of developer most lunchtimes to produce the early work. Once he had his own camera he started taking colour prints until his photography became much more serious. In the early 80’s he joined Maidenhead camera club and became an active participant in the regular competitions run by the club. Soon after joining he realised that ‘serious’ photographers only used slide film at the time. With very little margin for error this was the ultimate challenge. In 2001 Steve switched to the new digital era and has never looked back although he does believe that the concept of a slide is still the ultimate challenge even though the digital world is so much more flexible. Steve has been published in UK photography magazines, won numerous club competitions and sold many prints. He has just produced his first limited edition wildlife book and has several more in the works.